Price includes 30-day warranty. Delivery and setup is the same as service call fee. The warranty covers labor, parts and service call. Of course, the warranty cannot cover abuse. All working machines have new rubber rings and are in good working condition. Documentation (manuals & schematics) is provided where possible.

Machines can be set on free play so no coins are required or coin play depending on your preference. Some machines may be limited as to whether they can take any or just certain coins due to limited availability of parts.

Machines sold outside the local area are sold 'as-is' and have no warranty, and the buyer is responsible for shipping. For such sales the machine is deemed to be in good working order before shipping, and we are not responsible for damage during shipping. Reliable insured shipping is available from several sources, most being priced around $250.00 to $350.00 for shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

We cannot promise what will be available next week, however we can hold a machine for you if you put 50% down plus 25% for each 30 days to hold. This allows someone to purchase a machine and have it held until they are ready to take possession or so they can afford to purchase one. Canceling or changing which machine you buy forfeits 25% of the purchase price. Holding a machine for more 30 days after fully paid for requires a $1.00 per day storage fee. Unit is considered abandoned if not paid in full after 60 days

If you purchase a machine and decide you would like to trade it in for another, we offer a trade-in value of at least 50% of your purchase price as long as unit is working. usually depending on length of time you've had the machine ad the condition its in

If you are interested in the details on any machine (condition, features, etc.) feel free to call or e-mail us.

Incomplete list of current stock:

Title Year Description Price
Can Can  $1350
Circus Queen1960 $1395
Double Up197120 Holes$850
Laguna Beach1960 $1395
Orient  $795
Silver Sails1962 $1395
Variety Bingo  $595


Items highlighted in yellow are consignment.  They do not come with a 30 day warranty.  One can be purchased for an additional $150.00.




Title Year Description Price
Bahama Beach (20 Holes) 1966 $750 SOLD
County Fair  $1295 SOLD
Follies Begere196620 Holes$ SOLD
Golden Gate  $1595 SOLD
Key West Totally restored!$995 SOLD
Laguna beach  $1250 SOLD
Lido 25 holes w/OK &Futurity Games$1395 SOLD
Miss Universe (18 holes)1975Like New!!! $550 SOLD
Orient1967 $695 SOLD
Roller Derby196025 Holes w/OK Feature$1200 SOLD
Silver Sails backglass only!$300 SOLD
Silver Sails1962 $1195 SOLD
Tahiti1979Like brand new!$795 SOLD
Venice 1968 $ SOLD





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