Price includes 30-day warranty. Delivery and setup are the same as a service call fee. The warranty covers labor, parts and service call. Of course, the warranty cannot cover abuse. All working machines have new rubber rings and are in good working condition. Documentation (manuals & schematics) provided where possible.

Machines can be set on free play (so no coins are required) or coin play depending on your preference. Some machines may be limited whether they can take any or just certain coins due to limited availability of parts.

Machines sold outside the local area are sold 'as-is' and have no warranty, and the buyer is responsible for shipping. For such sales the machine is deemed to be in good working order before shipping, and we are not responsible for damage during shipping. Reliable insured shipping is available from several sources, most priced around $200 to $300 for anywhere in the continental USA.

We cannot promise what will be available next week, however we can hold a machine for you if you put 50% down plus 25% for each 30 days to hold. This allows someone to purchase a machine and have it held until they are ready to take possession or until they can afford to purchase one. Canceling or changing which machine you buy forfeits 25% of the purchase price. Holding a machine for more 30 days after fully paid for requires a $1.00 per day storage fee. Unit is considered abandoned if not paid in full after 60 days

If you purchase a machine and decide you would like to trade it in for another, we offer a trade-in value of at least 50% of your purchase price as long as unit is working. Usually depending on length of time you've had the machine and the condition it is in.

See something you want that is not on the list? If so please let us know... we may be able to find that machine for you!  (


Items highlighted in yellow are consignment.  They do not come with a 30 day warranty.  One can be purchased for an additional $150.00.

Incomplete list of current stock:

AC/DC Premium (2012)SternHouse Use Only - lots of mods$8795
Big Deal (1977)Williams $895
Caveman (1982)Gottlieb $950
Diamond Lady (1988)Gottlieb $1295
Egg Head (1961)Gottlieb $995
Grand Slam (1972)Gottlieb $795
Hot Hand (1979)Stern $995
Hot Shot (1973)Gottlieb $795
Jukebox (1976)Chicago Coin $795
Liberty Belle (1962)Gottlieb $895
Line Drive (1972)Williams $1995
Metallica Premium Monster (2013)SternBrand new condition - Less than 100 plays - Home use only$6995
Nascar (2005)Stern $2995
Night Rider (1976)BallyE/M version$995
OXO (1973)Williams $695
Road Kings (1986)Williams $call
Roy Clark "The Entertainer" (1977)Fascination Int. $750
Roy Clark "The Entertainer" (1977)Fascination Int. $750
Short Stop (1958)Williams $2595
Sinbad (1978)GottliebElectromechanical Version$1495
Skylab (1974)Williams $850
Skyline (1965)Gottlieb $1595
Soccer (1975)Gottlieb $795
Solar Ride (1979)Gottlieb $895
Space Odyssey (1976)Williams $695
Star Wars Episode I (1999)Williams$3995
Star Wars Episode I (1999)Williams $3795
Strikes and Spares (1995)Gottlieb $1395
The Sopranos (2005)SternHome Use Only$4995
Thoro Bred (1965)Gottlieb $695
Winner (1964)MidwayRare Bat game with animated backglass/moving cars$2895
World Cup (1978)WilliamsTrizone Backglass$695


Items highlighted in yellow are consignments.  They do not come with a 30 day warranty.  One can be purchased for an additional $150.00.


Interested in the details? (condition, features, etc.) feel free to call or e-mail us.

Back Glasses

Incomplete List of current stock

Picture Title Manufacturer Price
Time Machine Zaccaria $175.00 SOLD
Stars Stern Call or e-mail for price
Phoenix Williams SOLD
Lectronamo Stern $25.00
Torch Gottlieb $50.00
Jungle Lord Williams $100.00 SOLD

Interested in the details? (condition, features, etc.) feel free to call or e-mail us.




Pinball Manufacturer Description Price
4 Roses (1962)Williams $750 SOLD
8 Ball (1966)Williams $750 SOLD
AC/DC Premium (2012)SternHome Use Only- Brand New Condition -Less than 100 Plays$6995 SOLD
Addams Family (1992)Williams $5895 SOLD
Addams Family GOLD (1992)Bally $10000 SOLD
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (1993)Data East $1995 SOLD
Air Aces (1974)Bally $1195 SOLD
Airborne Avenger (1977)AtariWidebody$ SOLD
Alien Poker (1980)Williams $895 SOLD
Andromeda (1985)Game Plan $ SOLD
Around the World (1959)Gottlieb $call$ SOLD
Atlantis (1989)Bally $1495 SOLD
Austin Powers (2001)Stern $3295 SOLD
Bally Game Show, The (1990)Bally $1795 SOLD
Batman ( )  $2595 SOLD
Big Ben (1975)Williams $495 SOLD
Big Casino  $ SOLD
Big Guns (1987)Williams $1795 SOLD
Big Indian (1974)GottliebAwesome condition$1095 SOLD
Big League (1966)Williamswith running man backglass$2495 SOLD
Black Belt (1986)Bally $1495 SOLD
Black Hole (1981)Gottlieb $1595 SOLD
Black Knight (1980)Williams $1695 SOLD
Black Knight 2000 (1989)Williams $2595 SOLD
Black Pyramid (1984)Bally $895 SOLD
Blackout (1980)Williams $895 SOLD
Bow and Arrow (1975)Bally $595 SOLD
Bronco (1977)Gottlieb $895 SOLD
Cactus Jack's (1991)Gottlieb $1295 SOLD
Captain FantasticBally $ SOLD
Captain Fantastic (1976)Bally $2495 SOLD
Casino (1972)Chicago Coin $500 SOLD
Champ (1973)Bally $495 SOLD
Checkpoint (1991 )Data East $1395 SOLD
Cherry Bell (1978)SonicLooks brand new - rarely used!$795 SOLD
Cinema (1976)Chicago Coin $495 SOLD
Cirqus Voltaire (1997)Midway $6795 SOLD
Cleopatra (1977)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1978)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Comet (1985)WilliamsWith LED's$2495 SOLD
Corvette (1994)Bally $3800 SOLD
Corvette (1994)Bally $3200 SOLD
Count-Down (1979)Gottlieb $950 SOLD
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1992)Midway $5495 SOLD
Cue Ball Wizard (1992)Premier $1695 SOLD
Cyclone (1988)Williams $2195 SOLD
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (2007)SternLimited Edition! New In Box!!! Batteries removed to prevent PC board damage$5295 SOLD
Darling (1973)Williams $595 SOLD
Dealers Choice (1974)Williamsno backglass$325 SOLD
Ding Dong (1968)Williams $895 SOLD
Dirty Harry (1995)Williams $3595 SOLD
Disco Fever (1978)Williams $650 SOLD
Doctor Who (1995)Williams $3295 SOLD
Dolly Parton (1978)Bally $950 SOLD
Doozie (1968)Williams $650 SOLD
Dracula (1979)Stern $750 SOLD
Dragon (1978)Gottieb $895 SOLD
Earthshaker (1989)Williams $2495 SOLD
Eight Ball (1977)BallyBeautiful condition!$1995 SOLD
Eight Ball Deluxe (1981)Bally $2895 SOLD
Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (1981)BallyLimited Edition$2495 SOLD
El Dorado City of Gold (1984)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Elvira and the Party Monsters (1989)Bally $2995 SOLD
Evel Knievel (1977)BallyHome Use Only!$2995 SOLD
Extra Inning (1971)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
F-14 Tomcat (1987)Williams $1895 SOLD
F14 Tomcat (1987)Williams $1595 SOLD
Farfalla (1983)Zaccaria $750 SOLD
Fire! (1987)Williams $1695 SOLD
Fireball (1978)BallyHome Model$395 SOLD
Fireball Classic (1985)Bally $895 SOLD
Firepower (1980)Williams $1395 SOLD
Flash (1979)Williams $ SOLD
Flash Gordon (1980)Bally $1395 SOLD
Flight 2000 (1980)Stern $1295 SOLD
Flintstones (1994)Williams $3495 SOLD
Flip Flop (1976)Bally $895 SOLD
Flying Carpet (1972)Gottlieb $ SOLD
Four Million B.C. (1971)Bally $1695 SOLD
Four Roses (1940)Genconice backglass, no flippers$950 SOLD
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt (1995)Gottlieb $1895 SOLD
Freddy: a Nightmare on Elm Street (1994)Gottlieb $1695 SOLD
Fun Land (1968)Gottlieb $695 SOLD
Fun-Fest (1973)Williams $595 SOLD
Funhouse (1990)Williams $4295 SOLD
Future Spa (1979)Bally $1295 SOLD
Galaxy (1980)Stern $1195 SOLD
Game Show (1990)Bally $1400 SOLD
Getaway (1992)WilliamsBeautiful condition with too many mods to list.$3995 SOLD
Gin (1974)Chicago Coin $ SOLD
Gold Rush (1971)Williams $695 SOLD
Goldwings (1986)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Gorgar (1979)Williams $750 SOLD
Grand Prix (1976)Williams $695 SOLD
Granny and the Gators (1984)Bally $1295 SOLD
Harlem GlobetrottersBally $995 SOLD
Haunted House (1982)Gottieb $1995 SOLD
Hi Deal (1975)Bally $550 SOLD
Hi Dolly (1965)Gottlieb $750 SOLD
High Hand (1973)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
High Speed (1986)Williams $1895 SOLD
Hokus Pokus (1976)Bally $895 SOLD
Hook (1992)Data East $2195 SOLD
Hot Hand (1976)Stern $695 SOLD
Hot Line (1966)Williams $ SOLD
Hot Shots (1989)Gottlieb $1195 SOLD
Hot Tip (1977)Williams $850 SOLD
Independence Day (1996)Sega $2295 SOLD
Indiana Jones (1993)Williams $4495 SOLD
Jack Bot (1995)Williams $2895 SOLD
Jive Time (1970)Williams $795 SOLD
Joker Poker (1978)Gottlieb $1495 SOLD
Jokerz! (1988)Williams $1495 SOLD
Joust (1969)Bally $595 SOLD
Judge Dredd (1993)Bally $1995 SOLD
Juke Box (1976)Chicago Coin $595 SOLD
Jungle Lord (1981)Williams $950 SOLD
Junk Yard (1996)Williams $3495 SOLD
Jurassic Park (1993)Data East $2895 SOLD
Kicker (1966)Chicago Coin $895 SOLD
King Kool (1972)Gottlieb $895 SOLD
King of Diamonds (1967)Gottlieb $call$ SOLD
King Pin (1973)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
Kings of Steel (1984)Bally Midway $695 SOLD
Kiss (1978)Bally $1895 SOLD
Kiss (1979)BallyVery nice original!$3495 SOLD
Laser Ball (1979)Williams $895 SOLD
Laser WarData East $1195 SOLD
Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)Data East $1895 SOLD
Liberty Bell (1977)Williams $695 SOLD
Lightning (1981)Stern $795 SOLD
Lightning ( ) Project$call SOLD
Little Chief (1975)Williams $650 SOLD
Lord of the Rings, The (Limited Edition) (2009)SternHome use only! Beautiful!$8500 SOLD
Lost World (1978)Ballynew playfield installed$1595 SOLD
Manhattan (1948)United Manufacturinghead only - no cabinet$50 SOLD
Mars, God of War (1981)Gottlieb $ SOLD
Mata Hari (1977)Bally $695 SOLD
Mata Hari (1978)Bally $1295 SOLD
Medieval Madness (1997)Williams $11000 SOLD
Medusa (1981)Bally $1195 SOLD
Meteor (1979)Stern $1295 SOLD
Millionaire (1987)Williams $1295 SOLD
Mini Golf (1964)Williams $795 SOLD
Monaco (1977)Segasa $695 SOLD
Monday Night Football (1989)Data East $2295 SOLD
Monopoly (2001)Stern $4495 SOLD
Monte Carlo (1972)Bally $795 SOLD
Motordome (1986)Bally $995 SOLD
Mousin' Around! (1989)Williams $1995 SOLD
Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball (1982)Bally $call$ SOLD
NBA Fastbreak (1997)Bally $2295 SOLD
Night Moves (1989)ICOcocktail table pinball$795 SOLD
Night Rider (1977)Bally $ SOLD
No Fear: Dangerous Sports (1995)Williams $2895 SOLD
Odds & Evens (1971)Bally $795 SOLD
Old Chicago (1976)Bally $1295 SOLD
Old Coney Island! (1979)Bally $995 SOLD
Olympic Hockey (1972 )Williams $895 SOLD
Operation Thunder (1992)Gottlieb $1695 SOLD
Orbit (1972)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
Panthera (1980)Gottlieb $895 SOLD
Party Animal (1987)Bally Midway $1295 SOLD
Party Zone, The (1991)Midway $1995 SOLD
Phoenix (1978)Williams $895 SOLD
PIN·BOT (1986)Williams(Pinbot or Pin Bot)$1595 SOLD
Pirates of the Caribbean (2006)Stern $4900 SOLD
Playboy (1978)Bally $1595 SOLD
Playboy® (2002)Stern $2795 SOLD
Police Force (1989)Williams $1395 SOLD
Power Play (Bobby Orr) (1977)Bally $895 SOLD
Pro-Football (1973)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
Rag Mop (1950)Williams1950's EM$895 SOLD
Raven (1986)Gottlieb $ SOLD
Red Baron (1976)Chicago Coin2 player E/M$550 SOLD
Ripley's Believe It or Not! (2003)Stern $call$ SOLD
Riverboat Gambler (1990)Williams $1795 SOLD
Ro Go (1974)Bally $ SOLD
Road Kings (1986)Williams $1595 SOLD
Robocop (1989)Data East $ SOLD
Rollergames (1990)Williams $1695 SOLD
Rolling Stones (1980)Ballycollectible condition - home use only!$3995 SOLD
Royal Flush (1976)Gottlieb $895 SOLD
Royal Flush Deluxe (1983)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Royal Guard (1968)Gottlieb $895 SOLD
Shaq Attaq (1995)Gottlieb $1995 SOLD
Sheriff (1971)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Silverball Mania (1980)Bally $995 SOLD
Skateball (1980)Bally $850 SOLD
Sky Kings (595)Bally $595 SOLD
Skylab (1974)WilliamsEM; restored 100%$1000 SOLD
Slugfest (1991)Williams $1595 SOLD
Soccer (1975)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
Soccer (1975)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
Solar City (1977)GottliebEM, nice!$895 SOLD
Solar Ride (1979)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
Sorcerer (1985)Williams $1395 SOLD
Sound Stage (1976)Chicago Coin $595 SOLD
South Park (1999)Sega $2595 SOLD
Space Invaders (1980)Bally $1695 SOLD
Space Jam (1996)Sega $2595 SOLD
Space Mission (1976)Williams $895 SOLD
Space Odyssey (1976)Williams $ SOLD
Space Shuttle (1984)Williams $1195 SOLD
Space Station (1987)Williams $1795 SOLD
Spanish Eyes (1972)Williams $ SOLD
Spider-Man (2007)Stern $5995 SOLD
Spiderman, The Amazing (1980)Gottlieb $1395 SOLD
Spin-A-Card (1969)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Spring Break (1987)Gottlieb $1395 SOLD
Star Gazer (1980)SternOnly 869 produced $1995 SOLD
Star Pool (1974)Williams $795 SOLD
Star Trek (1978)Bally $1295 SOLD
Star Trek LE Enterprise Limited Edition (2013)Stern#386 of 799 Brand New Condition - Less than 100 plays$8795 SOLD
Star Trek The Next Generation (1993)Williams $4695 SOLD
Star Wars (1992)Data East $3595 SOLD
Stargate (1995)Gottlieb $2695 SOLD
Stellar Wars (1979)Williams $695 SOLD
Strange Science (1986)Bally $1495 SOLD
Striker Xtreme (2000)Stern $1795 SOLD
Strikes and Spares (1978)BallyExcellent condition!$1995 SOLD
Super Soccer (1975)Gottlieb $795 SOLD
Super-Flite (1974)Williams $395 SOLD
Superman (1979)Atari $1595 SOLD
Surf Side (1967)Gottlieb $995 SOLD
Surfer (1976)Gottlieb $895 SOLD
Tag Team (1985)Gottlieb $1395 SOLD
Taxi (1988)WilliamsRare Marilyn Version$2895 SOLD
Tee'd Off (1993)Gottlieb $2195 SOLD
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)Williams $2595 SOLD
The Getaway High Speed II (1992)Williams $2995 SOLD
The Lost World Jurassic Park (1997)Sega $1995 SOLD
The Shadow (1994)Midway $2395 SOLD
The Simpsons Pinball Party (2003)Stern $3995 SOLD
The Six Million Dollar Man (1978)Bally $995 SOLD
The Sopranos (2005)SternHome Use Only!$ 3995 SOLD
The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard (1994)DataEast $3695 SOLD
The X Files (1997)Sega $2295 SOLD
Theatre of Magic (1995)Bally $7295 SOLD
Time Machine (1988)Data East $1595 SOLD
Time Warp (1979)Williams $895 SOLD
Time Zone (1973)Bally $795 SOLD
Title Fight (1990)GottliebFor parts only$300 SOLD
Tom Tom (1963)Williams $850 SOLD
Tri Zone (1979)Williams $750 SOLD
Trident (1979)Stern $895 SOLD
Twilight Zone (1993)Midway $6595 SOLD
Twister (1996)Sega $2995 SOLD
Valiant (1962)Williams $595 SOLD
Viking (1979)Bally $995 SOLD
Volcano (1981)Gottlieb $1195 SOLD
Warlok (1982)Williams $1250 SOLD
Waterworld (1995)Gottlieb$2195 SOLD
Whirlwind (1990)Williams $2495 SOLD
Wizard! (1974)Bally $1695 SOLD
World Cup Soccer (1994)Bally $2595 SOLD
World Poker Tour (2006)Stern $3495 SOLD
WWF Royal Rumble (1994)Data East $1995 SOLD
X Files (1997)Sega $2495  SOLD
Xenon (1979)Bally $995 SOLD



Interested in the details? Feel free call (410-833-8070) or e-mail us.